The Alternative Realities of Our Time

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The Coolest Virtual World Games

Virtual reality is nearly upon us, and virtual world games are becoming a thing – Facebook-owned Oculus Rift announced a couple of weeks ago that they will be teaming up

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Virtual Reality News Roundup: Why You Should be Excited About VR

Breaking new ground, especially in the world of video-games, is extremely complicated. That’s because gamers are extremely dedicated to their play-stations, and while it may be possible to tempt them

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Must-Have Samsung Gear VR Games and Apps

Virtual reality’s first attempt with the public was back in 1896, when the French movie “L’arivee d’un train en gare de la Ciotat” was such a powerful experience that people

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Virtual Augmented Reality Showdown: Augmented vs. Virtual Reality

Although both augmented and virtual reality strive to provide their users with immersive realities, they differ subtly and it’s these subtle differences that allow you to decide which of the

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Online Virtual Reality Games: Between Dreams and Reality

The gaming world has been evolving at a rapid pace in the past few decades and despite the fact that graphics have improved to cinematic quality and adventures are more

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Final Stretch for Project Morpheus Until Its Release Date

As with most virtual reality headsets, new worlds and breathtaking experiences are promised. Some virtual reality headsets deliver. Some don’t. However, Sony’s Project Morpheus does more than just promise a

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3D Virtual Reality Games: A new form of Home Entertainment

VR headsets are becoming a thing of the present. They still have a long way to go until their position will be cemented into the pillars of die hard gaming,

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Virtual Reality Gaming Technology Throughout History

Virtual reality seems to be the next big thing on everyone’s minds recently. Oculus Rift is pretty much responsible for this recent hype in the virtual reality market and the

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Virtual Reality Gaming Software Shaping Alternate Realities

Immersive multimedia, frequently referred to as virtual reality, represents the technology with which a user can simulate the physical presence of places, objects and people through computer-generated environments. Depending on the

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