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Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an amazing concept. It was designed to take the user from the real world and immerse him into a virtual environment where everything is possible. There’s only one little problem. Most VR headsets are designed to replicate parallel worlds, but they impair a human’s natural instinct to physically explore and interact with it. The first reaction that people have when they put on the Oculus Rift headset is to walk, run, or try to touch the things around them.

In this regard, VR headsets have a serious shortcoming. This is where the Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality treadmill comes into play. As of this year, VR started getting some serious products. We’re not just talking about fascinating apps and games, but also about devices that redefine the concept of immersion. Virtuix has finally completed its design for the Omni Treadmill, a device that will enable the user to use his entire body during his dive in the VR environment.

The product was unveiled for the first time during the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas, and it garnered a lot of attention. During this convention, virtual reality gadgets took the center stage, but none of the headsets presented could hold the candle to the ambitious Omni Virtual Reality treadmill. If you want to explore a VR world with full freedom, and be able to walk in the direction of your choosing, then Virtuix Omni is something you want to keep an eye on. Today we will take a closer look at this amazing VR gadget.

“Our mission is to take virtual reality beyond the chair. You’re not just sitting down pushing buttons. You’re in it. In a first-person shooter, you are standing up, moving around, holding a gun. That makes the first-person shooter a blast, and an immersive experience.” – Jan Goetgeluk of Virtuix, CES 2015

What Does Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality Mean?

Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality

If you read the description on the Omni’s official page, you will find out that the VR treadmill represents the ultimate immersive experience. This ambitious projects sets new standards for the VR industry by enabling the user to stand up, run around, walk, and interact with elements from the virtual universe. It promises a sense of immersion that you will never experience with a mere headset. But stepping into a make-belief universe is not something many gamers want to do.

The shock of experiencing games in virtual reality, even if it’s just with a headset, is already making some gamers rethink their option. The idea of getting shot at, having a creepy creature attack you in the woods or jumping over a precipices takes some getting used to. Nevertheless, Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality, which engages the entire body into the VR experience, has numerous benefits. Some refer to it as “cardio gaming”, because it is exciting and also encourages gamers to move around.

Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality Platform Components

It’s safe to say that the Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality platform of its kind. Considering all the elements that make this stunning feat of technology work, we can safely say that the price is more than reasonable. The gaming system consists of four major components: the concave platform which ensures natural gait while in motion, the shoes which protect the user during fast-paced scenes and movement, the support ring and harness for added security.

As far as goggles are concerned, it seems like the Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality platform works with most headsets, such as the Oculus Rift, Gear VR or Project Morpheus, among others.

The following products are available for pre-order only. 

#1 Virtuix Omni Shoes | $59.00

Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality

The Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality shoes were designed to support extended game-play. These comfortable shoes are equipped with low friction soles that facilitates movement on the platform and enables the foot to maintain stability at all times. You cannot use the platform without the Omni Shoes. They can be purchased in all sizes from the company’s official site. One Pair costs 59.00 dollars.

#2 Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality Harness | $79.00

Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality

As the name suggests, the harness ensures maximum safety during your immersion. It makes it possible for the user to jump, and turn around without feeling constricted. The Virtuix Omni harness comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. You should take a look at the sizes before placing your order. The harness costs 79 dollars.

#3 Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality Tracking PODs | $79.00

Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality

The next piece of equipment is the tracking POD which uses IMU based tracking in order to translate your movement into the game. The interesting thing about it is the fact that it accurately, and without delay, translates your movement within the game. This piece of equipment works with dedicated SDK that enables you to connect to already existing VR content. The POD basically represents a firmware that emulates the feel of a regular controller.

#4 Virtuix Omni Rack

Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality

The fourth element of the Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality package represents the rack, which is a supplementary accessory that offers vertical support for the main unit and user’s arms. It comes equipped with a deep tray that will hold your keyboard, mouse, HMD, cell phone etc., an anti-slip surface for added protection, weapon holders and openings for cables.

#5 Omni Package | $699.00

Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality

If you’d rather buy the whole package in one go, you will be happy to know that the Virtuix Omni Virtual Reality complete package, which also comes with some cool bonuses, costs 699.00 dollars. Sounds like much? Considering that this is the only truly fully immersive gaming equipment at the moment, we believe that the price is more than reasonable. The Omni package contains the platform, the shoes, the tracking pod and the harness, plus TRAVR and some really cool demo games that will show just how amazing Omni can be. All of these components also have a one-year warranty. The VR Headset is not included in the price!

Not convinced yet? Then I recommend you to take a look at the company’s videos. Demos have already been created for mainstream games such as Skyrim, Battlefield, Call of Duty and more.

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