The Alternative Realities of Our Time

Augmented Reality Glasses: Advancements and Setbacks

Wearable technology has been steadily progressing and while augmented reality has been on the cusp on a breakthrough for the past two decades, apparent failures seem to be the main

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Augmented Reality Technology and its Place in Education

Contrary to the widespread idea that augmented reality technology is the stuff of gaming and gaming alone, the real-time fusion of virtual and real elements may actually help in the

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16 Amazing Augmented Reality Games for Android & iOS

Augmentation is done in real time and takes advantage of environmental elements. With augmented reality games, we get to use real surroundings along with our iOS or Android camera to

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Augmented Reality, Technology of the Future

Over the past 20 years, the developers of augmented reality technology have made it possible for a nigh science fiction dream to become practicable. And when you think of how far

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