The Alternative Realities of Our Time

Latest news on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gaming

The HTC Vive – A new Contender for the VR Headset Battle

HTC has partnered up with gaming’s behemoth Valve, and are on course of releasing a VR headset. It will be available for commercial use later in 2015. The Developer Edition

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Google Cardboard Review: The Do-It-Yourself VR Kit

The “do-it-yourself” virtual reality kit from Google sounds more like something a child would think off than a multi-billion dollar company, but I assure you that it works. The idea

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Microsoft HoloLens – a New Gadget on the Augmented Reality Market

HoloLens is the first of Microsoft Window’s attempts to enter into the augmented and virtual reality market. This technological wonder is the creation of Alex Kipman, one of the company’s

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Latest Virtual & Augmented Reality Devices

Technological advancements have allowed the virtual reality realm to progress from a hypothetical fantasy to one of the most competitive marketing realities in a relatively short period. And in hopes

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