The Alternative Realities of Our Time

Praised and championed as the headset for all the smartphones, EVO VR brings you up to the next level of virtual reality where all the adventures begin. Ever wished you could dive into an interactive 3D world where you have as close to a home theater experience as it gets? Explore across the globe, and the product itself is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable as you wear it. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable experience of virtual reality with hours of escape and entertainment.

EVO VR Features

EVO VR in black

  • Made to fit smartphones from 3.5 inches to 6 inches.
  • Removable headband to wear and keep on your head effortlessly.
  • A lens cloth to wipe the lens when they get smudged.
  • 360-degree panoramic view of your virtual reality.
  • Works with many of the VR apps.
  • You have a lightweight design that makes carrying it around easy.
  • Compatible with the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S and the iPhone.

The Good

In this EVO VR review, we look at both the pros and the cons of owning one of these products. First off, you will have a hard time beating the price because it doesn’t get much cheaper. Second, you can strap it to your phone easily, and have at least a couple hours of fun with it. Buying the EVO VR might be a good choice for someone who wants to dip their toe in the water of this new trend without dishing out an extra $30 to discover if this is the product for them.

  • You can try this virtual reality product for little.
  • Fits onto your phone easily.
  • Good place to get started with virtual reality.
  • Great introduction to VR for kids.

The Bad

Unfortunately, we can’t say everything in this EVO VR review was positive. In fact, you had a good deal of negative like the lens adjustment was consistently horrible, and a lot of customers complained about it making the rest of virtually unplayable. The front panels were also difficult to keep on. Meanwhile, the nose ridge doesn’t fit well for everyone, and one person complained how the cushions for this part of the product vanished and made it uncomfortable to use. While this product doesn’t cost much, you have to remember how you get what you pay for.

  • The overall quality of this product is poor.
  • Many customers had a difficult time with the lens adjustment and getting it to focus.
  • The nose ridge won’t fit for everyone.
  • It’s easy to lose the nose ridge cushions.

About EVO VR

EVO VR in black and white

The Design

In terms of design, few customers could raise a complaint because it weighs just 1.3 pounds. That’s important because if you’ve ever had a virtual reality headset, you know how a heavier one can start to hurt your head and neck as it puts pressure in the wrong parts of the body. The only real design flaw here is how it wasn’t made for someone with a bigger nose, so they won’t feel comfortable wearing it.

In this EVO VR review, we found how most people praised the overall design because it was comfortable to wear for a long time. However, it wasn’t made for those who wear glasses, and you won’t be able to wear glasses with this system.

Visual Performance

In terms of visual performance, you have a pretty fair product, but you should understand how you can only use it to watch videos. If you hope to do anything outside that, you will want to buy a different product. This is not the headset for video games. In terms of visual performance, you have a fair product for the price you pay. You don’t necessarily have the best, but it gives you an early introduction to this technology.

The biggest problem with the visuals here is how you find it hard to focus in on something. As many customers have said, the difficulty in focusing made it virtually impossible to get any real value out of it because they couldn’t see anything. In addition, it’s not necessarily the most immersive experience because you don’t feel like you’re deeply into it with the side screen.

Audio Performance

Like with any review, this EVO VR review looks on the audio performance with a little skepticism. This is because any virtual reality system must have good sound if it will immerse you in the movies and games. Unfortunately, you have a fairly mediocre experience when it comes to the audio. You certainly don’t have anything that could be said to be immersive. The sound is like what you might expect from a laptop or TV.


Plenty of complaints were made about the controller of the EVO VR system, and this EVO VR review has almost the same opinion. Unfortunately, the controller was basically useless right out of the box. It could’ve used a little more to it to make it better, but we never saw that improvement. If you’re looking for a VR system with a good controller, this isn’t one of them.

A Good Introduction?

If you want a good way to check out virtual reality systems without dropping a lot of cash on one, this might be an okay choice. For example, you flip on your favorite Netflix shows and kick back on the couch to watch them up close and personal. It becomes your own personal little theater with virtual reality at the forefront.

Summing Up

In all honesty, you do have some better products out there. This EVO VR review isn’t completely negative or positive, but we do think you could probably find a better VR system out there if you’re looking for a quality experience. If you just want to see what this technology looks like, you might go with one of the cheaper options like this to decide if it is what you want before paying for a more expensive one.