The Alternative Realities of Our Time

The Debate of Virtual Reality: Education, Gaming, or Entertainment?

Lo and behold the dawn of virtual reality. Philosophers and scam-fortune-tellers alike have predicted it for years. And now it is upon us. But what are we to do with

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Augmented Reality – When Did That Happen?

Here on OpticsGamer, we’ve talked a lot about virtual reality – or VR. This should indeed come as obvious, given the name of our enterprise. Yet, as much as we

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VR News: Virtual Reality Sharapova, Apollo 11, and MIDEN

Although this week in virtual reality news is not all that exciting overall, we’re seeing some pretty interesting advancements in the use of this new and exciting type of technology.

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Virtual Reality Now: Zero Latency vs Social Apps

There’s a small competition going on in virtual reality now: Zero Latency vs social apps. It’s hard to effectively predict what will happen with the VR market. The age-old question

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