The Alternative Realities of Our Time

Augmentation is done in real time and takes advantage of environmental elements. With augmented reality games, we get to use real surroundings along with our iOS or Android camera to play with virtual elements. You can do pretty much anything: find mystical creatures, race cars, solve puzzles, trail for treasure, and so much more!

We’ve rounded up the best apps in this comprehensive list of the best Android and iOS augmented reality games available today!

1. Ingress

With Ingress, Google took the first plunge into the augmented reality games market. This MMO puts users into two large groups: the Enlightened and the Resistance. Players must virtually fight for control or territories. They are given Exotic Matter (XM), a material that they can use to to take over virtual portals.

When at least three portals are conquered by one of the teams, the winning group gains control of the zone between the portals. Ingress offers an immersive social experience while also being one of the most comprehensive strategy titles on our list.

Download for Android: Google Play Store.
Download for iOS: iTunes.

2. Real Strike

This is the first augmented reality, 3D FPS (First Person Shooter) game. Real Strike uses the camera in order to create a FPS experience into the real world. It has a mixture of 3D gun animations, while the camera turns every area or street into a genuine military base.

Real Strike has a total of 25 guns that you can select from 6 various categories, and you can change your type of view by selecting the night vision, thermal vision, or tactical flashlight. The firing is rather smooth and precise, although it can be a bit sensitive for my taste.

Download for Android: Google Play Store.

3. Zombie GO

Zombie games are a real hit these days! Zombie GO lets you fight the undead in the real world! Prepare to get spooked while you walk around your house,  school, the streets, or wherever. Zombies can pop up from any corner and they’re coming to get you! Can you survive?

The app lets you fight zombies both in a real environment and a virtual environment. The more creatures you kill, the more you unlock new weapons. Choose between a AK-47, 44 Magnum, sniper rifle, shotgun, flame thrower, mini gun, and more!

You can choose between two modes: survival or safe mode. With the safe mode, you can experience the Augmented Reality effects without risking an attack. So you can still have a great deal of fun shooting the zombies without being killed. However, we’d choose to fight those creatures any day!

Download for Android: Google Play Store.
Download for iOS: iTunes.

4. Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO needs no presentation but we just couldn’t not include it in our list of the best augmented reality games for Android and iOS. Join Trainers worldwide in they’re quest of discovering Pokémon in the world surrounding them. This game has been downloaded over 750 million times, so you can bet it’s worth it!

Get your shoes on, walk out the door and explore the world around you! Venusaur, Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, and many other Pokémon are waiting to be discovered! Take aim, throw a Poké Ball, and you’ve snatched it! Join a team and fight for the ownerships of Gyms with your Pokémon.

Download for Android: Google Play Store.
Download for iOS: iTunes.

5. ARBasketball

ARBasketball is an augmented reality basketball game. Here, you must aim your camera at an empty field or area, and it will create an artificial basketball hoop. In order to play the game you must first print the marker. After that you will see the hoop at the same point where you’ve placed the marker.

The game is played by swiping the screen to throw the ball and the objective is to make as much points as possible. It has three different game modes, including a multiplayer mode. It has global leaderboards where you can check your progress and compete with friends, as well as social networks integration. It can also support the retina display.

One of the most useful features it has is that it will automatically save your progress when you receive a phone call or when you exit the application. The visuals and sound are well polished, however they need to make it more challenging in the single player mode.

Download for Android: Google Play Store.
Download for iOS: iTunes.

6. Paintball Arena

Paintball Arena is a multiplayer only, arena style shoot them up game. You can earn currency by completing missions while playing with your friends, which you then use to unlock new paintball guns and industrial grade paintball grenade launchers. This game can be played in any surroundings, but it requires a WiFi connection. Before you start playing, you must first specify your opponent’s individual shirt color in order for the game to detect him.

Then, you must select a game mode by choosing a time limit or unlimited time. After that, the game starts. Hits will make your phone vibrate, while, and this is a very important piece of information for it took me a long time to figure it out, shaking your phone will reload your weapon.

Download for Android: Google Play Store.
Download for iOS: iTunes.

Paintball Arena iPhone screenshot
Image Source: 148Apps.com

7. SpecTrek

SpecTrek is a ghost hunting augmented reality game where, with the help of your camera and GPS, you must catch virtual ghosts in real surroundings. By holding your phone like you were reading a map, makes the game go into radar mode, so you can better track the shades.

This augmented reality game creates an amazing atmosphere and you can mess around with it for hours without being bored. I must admit that I had loads of fun playing this with friends at the park.

Download for Android: Google Play Store.

8. Toyota 86 AR

First thing’s first! Download and print the Made to Thrill marker. After that you simply put the printed marker on the floor and then you start up the game. It creates an augmented test-drive track where you can practice your driving skills. The controls are simple and easy to use and in no time at all you will be the master of the track.

The game’s developers stated that their objective was to make the consumer “scream with enjoyment” and that is exactly what they’ve accomplished. It has good graphics, great control and if you are a fan of the genre, then this is a must have game. You can also surf to the above mentioned web site in order to find out how to make your Toyota 86 AR films and upload them on Youtube.

Download for Android: Google Play Store.
Download for iOS: iTunes.

9. AR Invaders

Just as the name suggests, AR Invaders is a space invaders game. You must join forces with the Earth’s resistance in order to defend our planet and fight your way trough hordes of invading aliens. It can be played in two separate modes depending on your position. If you are standing then the game is a 360 degrees shoot them up, while in a sitting position it shifts to a 180 degrees, in a defend your base mode.

The biggest problem I’ve found with this game is the inability to move your saves on your SD card, because it has a rather nasty tendency to fill up your phone’s memory really quick.

Download for Android: Google Play Store.
Download for iOS: iTunes.

10. Zombies Everywhere! The Augmented Reality Apocalypse

Zombies Everywhere! The Augmented Reality Apocalypse is one of those zombie augmented reality games that allows you to battle the undead. This AR game for iOS also has two game modes. First, your standard, run of the mill survival mode and a second, “safe” mode, where you get to attack and kill zombies, but they will not harm you in any way.

The zombies will slowly move towards you in an attempt to devour your brains. They added a bit of diversity to the game, by encountering more nasty and powerful zombies the more you manage to survive. For the duration of this game you will come across different types of creatures, from mummies, to undead dogs and many more. You will unlock different kinds of weapons as you kill zombies.

Download for iOS: iTunes.

11. AR Race 2

AR Race 2 is the app to use for flying AR Drone while using your iPhone or iPad. It requires a WiFi connection and it has two game modes: timed race or free flight. If the area you choose has buildings, rivers or trees in it, then they will become part of the track. It is a very cool app, where you can make your drone do aerobatics in mid air by simply double tapping your screen.

My personal experience with it was amazing. It was a whole lot easier than I’ve imagined, with precise and smooth controls. At first I doubted the quality of my camera, so I’ve attached my “GoPro”, but then I found out that it works just fine with my phone’s camera as well. At one time, I even took the chance of flying it by a river but, surprisingly, I had full control over its movements.

Download for iOS: iTunes.

12. AR Defender 2

AR Defender 2 is a multiplayer only, tower defense game with AR capability. You must position your defenses strategically in order to repel attacks and keep the enemy away from your tower. You can play it basically anywhere and you have the option to choose between the augmented reality version and the classic mode. You can unlock up to six different characters, each one with their individual style and fight against 15 distinctive types of enemies.

AR Defender 2 runs very well and it’s loads of fun. Although, I wish it had an option that will make your character repair structures on its own. It is more of an inconvenience than a problem to make your hero stand still next to the object you want to repair and then push the “repair icon”.

Download for iOS: iTunes.

13. Parallel Kingdom

This is a location based MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game that turns your standard Google maps into a map filled with dungeons, castles and kingdoms. It got nominated for a bunch of awards, including best AR game, best MMO and best use of local service. In the standard D&D (Dungeon and Dragons) style you need to take on quests, go on adventures, explore creepy dungeons and splay dragons or monsters, in order to conquer new territory and rule “the world”.

Just like a normal RPG (Role Playing Game), you will receive loot, level up and upgrade your skills during the course of the game. The cherry on top of the cake, is the ability to go into PvP mode, where you fight with other players. As one of my friends described it, “it’s just like playing World of Warcraft in real life”

Download for Android: Google Play Store.
Download for iOS: iTunes.

14. DroidShooting

This is a really fun and addictive game for you to play around the house. DroidShooting takes advantage of its AR capability and makes droids appear and attack you from every corner. It has a radar at the bottom of your screen so you can see from which direction the enemy is coming.

You have a wide range of weapon types to choose from, but you need to kill every single droid before the time runs out. I’ll give one pro tip: “make sure you have enough space to turn around or you are going to have a bad time”.

Download for Android: Google Play Store.

15. Skeeter Beater

This is one of those augmented reality games that you play when you’re really, but really bored. I have included this one because it’s so similar to a nostalgic game everybody used to play when the Symbian OS was the new best thing. This is a game where you “take revenge” on those pesky mosquitoes that used to ruin your summer evenings. All you do is squash AR insects on your screen, then move around the room to find more.

The more you hit, the more points you get. But be careful for if you miss, a point will be deducted from your score. After each completed level, the Skeeters become increasingly more difficult gaining speed, while your time limit is reduced. If you acquire enough points during a level in order to pass it, then you will enter the bonus mode that will last for the remainder of the round, without the risk of points being deducted if you miss.

Download for Android: Google Play Store.

Image Source: AndroidAuthority.com

16. iSnipeYou

If you ever get bored of the same shooter game you’ve played countless times before, then you might want to give this game a try. What it does, is transform you phone screen into a sniper rifle’s scope, which you can use to take down real targets around you. Simply, point your phone’s camera at the target you want to eliminate and press the fire button.

If you manage to get a head shot then an additional point will be awarded to you. The graphics are realistic enough, with blood splatter effects all over the place. You can also save your in-game screenshots so you can later share them with friends, or post them on Facebook. It utilizes a real time face detection system, so you won’t have too much trouble hitting your target.

Download for Android: iSnipeYou Full version or iSnipeYou Lite version.

Summing Up

These have been our top picks for the best iOS augmented reality games today. Deeply implemented in the gaming industry, augmented reality is a great technology that will continue to boost our gaming experience for years to come.

Have we missed any cool games that deserve a spot on our list? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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