Redesigning Education – The Google Virtual Reality System

The Google Virtual Reality system helps the education sector

Jennie Choi is an English teacher at the Mariano Azuela Elementary School. She took her class of sixth-graders on a short tour into Shakespeare's world. The Chicagoans traveled to the Italian city of Verona to see where Romeo and Juliet happened - or at least, where Shakespeare got his inspiration from. Jennie told her pupils to gaze and admire the beautiful and intricate details of Juliet's House - known on tourists maps as the place where the … [Read more...]

Star Wars Virtual Reality Movie Not Going to Happen

Star Wars Virtual Reality movie ain't happening

Lucasfilm announced that they are working with VR technology and that they are more than keen to bring Star Wars to the VR medium. However, they see too many limitations. VR tech isn't that advanced to please the Disney division that's behind the Star Wars franchise. A Star Wars virtual reality movie isn't going to happen anytime soon, but this doesn't mean that it won't be possible sometime in the future. Fans that were hoping to experience on … [Read more...]

Is Virtual Reality Really Coming This Time?

Is Virtual Reality Really Coming This Time - When will it be consumer friendly

Is Virtual Reality really coming this time? Before we start discussing it, are you familiar with the five year exercise? As a man/woman in charge of a company, you need to constantly asses where you stand and where your current path takes you to. The five year exercise entails two possibilities. The first possibility. You and your company are witnessing a huge success. You manage to launch a great product, you have brand recognition and market … [Read more...]

The Most Backed Augmented and Virtual Reality Startup

The Most Backed Augmented and Virtual Reality Startup

Everybody knows about Oculus Rift. Go figure, big daddy Facebook acquired it for a staggering $2 billion last year and Zuckerberg, along with his team, has been promoting it ever since. But there are other augmented and virtual reality startups that are gaining a lot of traction in 2014 and 2015. According to a report released by CB Insights - the Frontier Tech Report - AR and VR have managed to raise a combined $1 billion in funding since … [Read more...]

VR Tech – Apple and the Future of Virtual Reality

VR Tech - What will the future hold?

Can Apple, in all its might, see other opportunities in VR tech that other companies have missed? What lays in the future for virtual reality? Facebook and Google are already tackling immersive 3D experiences and augmented reality. They are pushing these trends towards being the next big thing. Take Facebook, it has acquired about five companies so far. All of them are VR or AR aimed - Oculus Rift, top-dog of the VR industry, was snapped up for … [Read more...]

VR Studio Resolution Games Gets $6 mil Funding

Resolution Games Founders

Tommy Palm, ex-Candy Crush golden boy, announced his new company, Resolution Games, in May of 2015. A year after he left King, Tommy Palm and his brand new firm has 10 employees and $6 million in funding. Resolution Games is a new virtual-reality game studio. Virtual-Reality has some pretty molten-hot prospects. It might just become the biggest and probably even the main platform used for gaming. By 2020, tech adivsor Digi-Capital notes that … [Read more...]

VR News: The Branching-out of Virtual Reality

virtual reality in education

When virtual reality first came out of the conceptual state and straight out into real, within-your-reach headset devices form, most of its incipient showcase applications were gaming-related. Maybe it’s because of the immersive nature of games, easily put in the spotlight best when experiencing virtual reality or simply because it was one of the easily approachable and non-niche method to allow people to see what VR is all about. Safe to say, … [Read more...]

Social Tech – How Can Virtual Reality Change Our Behavior

Social Tech - Will Virtual Reality be a huge part in our life?

Technology is growing exponentially. Each year a new life-changing technology is laid down in front of us. Social tech virtual reality is headed to incredible places, but how is it going to change our behavior? New tech is created with the purpose of advancing our human race. Humanity is planning on colonizing Mars, we are developing Artificial Intelligence and we are teaching it how to be human.  Virtual reality is used to help treat those who … [Read more...]

Virtual Reality is the Next Step for Facebook, Zuckerberg Notes

Facebook's next step is Virtual Reality notes CEO

In the past year, Facebook has been shifting its focus towards video, and their new business will be amplified by their Oculus Rift VR headset. Facebook has another great fiscal quarter, and the social media platform continues to boom. Revenues have increased to a rough 40 percent with each passing year, and now Zuckerberg lays on a $4.04 billion treasure. Their net income hasn't reached last year's peak, and it has declined from $791 to $719 … [Read more...]

HoloLens V1 Developer Edition Available for Devs Next Year

HoloLens V1 Developer Edition - Walking on Mars

Microsoft's Augmented Reality device, the HoloLens V1 Developer Edition, will be available in 2016 for developers. The V1 will mainly be focused for developers, and enterprises - AR enthusiasts will have to wait a little bit longer. In a recent interview for BBC, CEO Satya Nadella noted that this is a five year journey that they are embarking on. We are miles away from the end of the journey, and we don't expect an Amazon pre-order page to see … [Read more...]