Top 6 VR Glasses for PC to Try in 2017

Dell Visor VR headset for PC

Virtual Reality was once the technology of the future. Within the last few years, however, the technology has exploded in popularity and become better and better. Choosing which device to purchase can be a confusing and difficult process. Check out the reviews below to find out which VR headsets will provide the ultimate gaming experience for users. With technology improving, the specs on these devices are fairly similar. Therefore, it is … [Read more...]

Top 10 Virtual Reality Games for iPhone to Play in 2017

End Space VR, one of the virtual reality games for iPhone

Virtual reality on the go is now both easily done and entertaining with the iPhone and a decent VR headset. It can certainly be difficult, however, to find the best games in the sea of demos released following the publication of virtual reality SDKs. Below we list the top ten virtual reality games for iPhone users. 1. End Space VR End Space VR is an immersive first-person arcade space shooter using a head-based control scheme to pilot a small … [Read more...]

9 Best Google Cardboard Apps for Android and iOS

NYT VR app for Google Cardboard

The Google Cardboard is one of the first virtual reality products to be released to the public, offering an affordable alternative to more expensive headsets. Released in 2014 and available for both iOS and Android, a plethora of apps are available on the appropriate app stores. Below we discuss the best Google Cardboard apps to make sure you get the best possible experience out of the VR set. 1. Expeditions Google's very own Expeditions is … [Read more...]

BNext VR Headset Review: Features, Performance, Pros and Cons

BNext VR gaming headset

Virtual Reality wasn't a combination of words people recognized. When it first made an appearance on the world stage, people didn't know much about it, and only recently its popularity reached a whole new level, making it technology and culture highlight of the decade. It is a unique experience people should try out. After reading more than one BNext VR headset review it becomes clear that it is a contender for the available options on the market … [Read more...]

Merge VR Goggles Review: Features, Performance, Pros and Cons

Two Merge VR Goggles

VR is slowly becoming much more than a fad. There are enough headsets out there to not only make it obvious that the phenomenon is here to stay, but also enough to confuse most consumers. If you're looking for a good cell-phone based VR set, you've got your work cut out for you - after all, it seems like everyone is making them these days. Fortunately, our Merge VR goggles review might make your search a little bit easier. Merge VR Goggles … [Read more...]

Google Daydream View Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Google Daydream View VR headsets

The Google Daydream View aims to make virtual reality fun and accessible for everyone. Their simple headset allow users to turn any compatible smartphone into a virtual reality machine. There is definitely a lot of fun possibilities for users of the Google Daydream View. Some believe that this will completely change the way we interact with reality, while others are more skeptical. Keep reading this Google Daydream View review to see if it … [Read more...]

HTC Vive vs Oculus: The Battle of Features and Performance

HTC Vive and Oculus VR headsets

Virtual reality — or simply 'VR' — is a futuristic new technology with particularly exciting implications for gaming. Historically, playing a game equated to using a controller to assume remote control over a digital avatar; however, VR now allows us to become those avatars by putting us right into the middle of our favorite games. The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have become synonymous with VR gaming and are undoubtedly the best consumer-grade VR … [Read more...]

Samsung Gear VR Review: Features, Performance, Pros and Cons

Samsung Gear VR headset

This Samsung Gear VR review offers all the information you need to decide whether Samsung's mobile virtual reality headset is for you. Specifically, we're going to cover the Gear VR's greatest strengths, biggest weaknesses, and key features. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our Samsung Gear VR review. At its start, virtual reality was a really prohibitive technology. Although high-quality headsets existed, they were often priced higher than even … [Read more...]

Google Cardboard Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Google Cardboard VR headset

Virtual reality gaming is on the rise. Sure, the old school VR style has been around awhile, but with new gaming tech comes new gaming experiences. Google Cardboard is just one of the innovations to fully immersive VR that puts gamers right in the middle of the action. How do you know which is the best platform or has the features you need? Check out our Google Cardboard review, so you can get a sense of what it offers. Google Cardboard … [Read more...]

Top 7 Samsung Gear VR Games to Try This Year

Drop Dead, one of the best Samsung Gear VR games

Virtual reality headsets are in their infancy, but they are already offering some of the best gaming experiences around. Developers add games daily to VR storefronts. With so many new games, it can be difficult to separate the great Samsung Gear VR games from the many others that are not worth the price. If you are a VR owner looking for a great game to play, below are seven of the best Samsung Gear VR games you can play today. 1. Drop … [Read more...]